Salted mango body scrub
60 Min
Body scrubs are great for cleaning your skin and getting rid of dead cells, dirt, and oil. The Mango body scrub exfoliates your skin to unclog your pores and expose the healthier layers of your skin. Leaves a fresh clean scent, while sea salts and natural loofah exfoliate dull, dry skin, leaving it smoothed and conditioned make you look more youthful and healthy.
Salted coconut body scrub
60 Min
This foot and body scrub reveals touchable, silky, smooth skin. Sweet Coconut provides an aromatic essence, while Sea Salts and Coconut Shell thoroughly exfoliate and renew skin surface.
• Deliciously natural
• Skin smoothing and exfoliating
Sea Spa glow peppermint body scrub
60 Min
Experience the skin perfecting benefits with full body exfoliating treatment. This natural formula removes dead skin cells, Provides essential moisture and leaves skin looking refreshed and body remains cool throughout the day with the effect of peppermint.