Honey body polish
60 Min
Pure Honey, almond meal from crushed almonds and oatmeal all combine to create an ancient beauty ritual, Honey body polish purifies as it sloughs off dead skin cells leaving the skin smoother, hydrated and refreshed. Honey body polish exfoliates the skin help in hydrating to prevent wrinkles. The results are visible after just one treatment.
Thalassotherapy detox marine algae wrap
60 Min
Helps your body to release the bad and take in the good! The DETOX MARINE ALGAE WRAP uses various forms of marine algae to target the toxins in your body and move them out. A warm seaweed algae that is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes to penetrate your pores and nourish your skin. A final massage fully decongests the area leaving you and your skin refreshed and purified.